Helga Sedli – Biography

Hungarian violinist and singer Helga Sedli started studying music at the age of 8 and graduated as a musician from the Bela Bartok Conservatory in Budapest. She has a second degree as a mathematics and music teacher. During her travels around Europe, she joined many music conterts with violin and vocals.

She uses two violins; a classical one by hungarian master Zoltan Langer and an electric Yamaha SV-550 series violin. She equally enjoys playing on both of them.

After her European trip, she was contracted by the Hotel Mulia Senayan in Jakarta. Then in 2010, moving to Bali enabled her to join several bands and try different music styles. She started to play the electric violin besides the acoustic one, and also to play jazz, and collaborate with DJs.

By playing jazz, she really immerged herself in the art of improvisation. She teamed up with Dutch international DJ Rob Soundz and started performing in nightclubs around Indonesia. With the well–established Indonesian band Saharadja she performed at the Kuala Lumpur music festival in 2012.

At around the same time, she created her own world music band called Helga Fusion, acting as a leader, composer, arranger, lead singer and solo instrument violin player. Her European folk and classic background are represented in the band‘s repertoire. They are currently recording their first album.

Another project she initiated is the creation of a new jazz band using the electric violin, which is not a common instrument on the jazz scene. In this project, her part is to be a jazz violinist and singer. One of the recent highlights has been a concert in the Blue Jazz Club and Sultan Jazz club in Singapore.

Firmly based and established in Bali, Helga is a popular act at wedding events, either as a solo act or part of a string quartet. Also, she joins Ayu Laksmi and the Balawan band to play traditional Balinese music at events.

For the near future, Helga‘s aim is to share her passion with more people at more places. Enquiries to perform at several festivals in the South–East Asian area have been received, and her broad talent and interest will continue to ensure a busy performance schedule.

Latest News

Manado Music festival 2014

Cotton Eye Joe cover

New Album

Helga Fusion Band - Folkolor

In 2013 Helga and her band have released their first ever album named Folkolor, featuring music from all over the world. The album was inspired by the diversity of the members, providing a unique combination of sounds and instruments.

Concerts & Gigs

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