Helga Fusion: Band & Members

The band was established by Helga in 2012. She had previously played with many artists and bands, therefore she had gained the experience for starting her own band. Helga Fusion is based on Helga’s classical and folk music background and is influenced by Jazz and world music that the band has been expodsed to in Bali.

Helga found 5 talented young Indonesian men to accompany her in the band. Each of them come from different islands in Indonesia, but found union by living in Bali.

Helga Sedli

Violin and vocals

About Helga

Helga Sedli

Hungarian violinist and singer Helga Sedli started studying music at the age of 8 and graduated as a musician from the Bela Bartok Conservatory in Budapest. She has a second degree as a mathematic and music teacher. She moved to Bali in 2010 and strted to explore different music styles and challenged herself with the art of improvistation on stage.

In 2012 she created her own world music band called Helga Fusion, acting as a leader, composer, arranger, lead singer and solo instrument violin player. Her European folk and classic background are represented in the band's repertoire.

Helga′s skills are united in her band as she provides the vocals, plays the lead instrument (electric violin), composes and arranges the songs for the band and explores as a leader.


Gede Yudhana


About Gede

Gede Yudhana

(Acoustic Folk and Classic Nylon Guitar, Vocals)

Gede was born on the beautiful Island of Bali in a village called Singaraja in Northern Bali. Gede began to teach himself play the guitar at the age of 6, when the guitar was still much bigger than he was. Ged′s father was a bass player in his youth and performed for many years in Malang untilthey moved to the small island of Lombok where Gede was raised. Gede spent many hours each day learning the guitar. At the age of 12, Gede formed his first band called 'No Name'. This cover band played at the Provincial Festival of Lombok alongside guest musicians. Gede always had a passion for jazz, but unfortunately there wasn't a place for that in Lombok. Gede played with his cover band until he had saved enough money to buy his parents a small house, and then moved to Bali where he thought he had more of a chance to play the music that he was passionate about. He jokes, "8 years of playing covers, has been enough!!" In Bali, Gede worked with Pak Philmon, a renowned jazz pianist in Indonesia, learning how to play jazz, and also how to work together with a band. HE performed and recorded with SAHARADJA, SVARA SEMESTA and AYU LAKSMI. In 2012 he joined Helga Fusion.


Ajat Lesmana

Dijeridoo, Djembe

About Ajat

Ajat Lesmana

(Didgeridoo and percussion)

Ajat is from Bandung in West Java. In 1989, Ajat moved to the island of Bali and started an antique trading business. Ajat′s customers, knowing about his love for music, introduced him to the didgeridoo and a variety of indigenous percussion instruments.

He also performed and recorded with bands including Planet Bamboo, koko harsoe, SAHARADJA, SVARA SEMESTA and AYU LAKSMI. Ajat also featured with the Australian group "Yothu Yindi″ during their Indonesian tour. Ajat has performed in Japan as a didgeridoo and percussion soloist.

Ajat knew there was something special about Helga Fusion. Although he was busy with his export business, he dedicated his time for making music and instruments.


Catur Kurniawan (Yoyok)

Electric Bass, Contra Bass

About Yoyok


Yoyok was born in Balikpapan, Borneo on the 8th of April 1982. He has an impressive musical background.

His work experience:

2008 to 2009 : Alldint Music Courses, Yogyakarta as Bass Teacher

2009 to 2010 : Omah Musik Idang Rasjidi, Pekalongan as Bass teacher

2008 to 2010 : Bass Player (regular) at Sevent Resto, Dixie Resto, Gajah wong Resto, Yogyakarta

2010 to now : Bass Player (regular) at Ryoshi Seminyak Resto, Legian Cafe, Dass Resto and Gallery, Bali.

Other Work and involvment:

2005 : Finalis mezzo Jazz festival with Herzog kwartet.

2005 : Jazz goes to campus with Herzog kwartet

2005 : Mezzo Jazz Festival at Santika Hotel Jakarta, U.P.H University Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia Jakarta, Galleria Mall Yogyakarta.

2007 : Go Green Concert with Herzog Trio at Gajah Mada University Yogyakarta

2007 : Accompanist of Ermi Kulit Concert at Citraland Hotel Semarang.

2009 : Ngayog Jazz Festival as accompanist of Dwiki Darmawan and Dewa Bujana Concert

2010 : Finalis LA Lights Indie Festival with Black Stocking band at Kridosono Stadion Yogyakarta

2010 : Jakarta International Blues Festival with Black Stocking band

2011 : Something New Concert at Etawa, Yogyakarta.

2011 : Bali Spirit International Festival with Sarita from Australia.

2011 : Jazz Rendevouz 1, Bali.

2012 : Member in Helga Fusion Band


Cepi Kusmiadi

Javanese kendang, Drums

About Cepi

Cepi Kusmiadi

Cepi was born into a traditional musician family. His father was the leader of sundanese traditional music orchestra in Garut, west–java where Cepi was one of the members playing percussions (Sundanese Kendang, Djembe, toys, and world percussions). During his school years, he decided to study western instruments especially drums. His traditional roots and his knowledge of western music has created a rhythmic, easy and natural musical blend in his performance. After he moved to Bali in 2002, he has played around Bali in almost every hotel and club, In 2012 he joined Helga Fusion as a Percussionist.


Najib Imam


About Najib

Najib Imam

Iman Najib lahir di kota Yogyakarta. Dia pernah belajar musik secara formal di Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta Jurusan Musik 2002, kemudian melanjutkan ke Lembaga Musik Farabi Jakarta, dengan mengambil major Contemporary Drum. Dan beberapa kali ikut workshop bersama Peter Ypma, Geisser & Mazzola, dan dgn musisi jazz lainnya. Sejak 2009 ia menetap di Bali dan dprcaya untuk penggarapan album musisi jazz bali seperti, Pramono abdi trio debut album "In Brief" Jeko Fauzy trio "Bumi khatulistiwa", Yuri mahatma trio.dll



The six of them produce diverse music from different countries; folk songs in their original language, such as Russian, Hungarian, Balkan, ect. The arrangements are created by Helga, but the band works as a team and creates music together. Some members bring their own songs, to be included on the repertoire besides Helga’s music. So this is where the name comes from: Helga’s Band is a fusion of cultures, countries, languages and different music styles.

Helga Fusion Band has regular gigs and events around Bali. Their first significant appearence was at the IMEX (Indonesian Music Expo) Festival in November 2012. Following their success at IMEX, the band has received many requests for other festivals in Indonesia, like the Jimbaran Bay Jazz Festival in July 2013.

In 2013 they recorded and relesaed their first album named FOLKOLOR .

Helga Fusion videos

Helga Fusion at Jazz Cafe, Bali, Ubud 2012 - dancing crowd

Helga Fusion at Jazz Cafe, Bali, Ubud 2012

Helga Fusion at Casa Luna, Ubud - Anniversary Party 2012